DULLES, Va., Sept. In the event you want to have a little more statistics about wedding dresses under 1000 euro ; you can check find out and / or published here today.3 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Element Studios and America Online See AOL. , Inc. (Nasdaq-NNM: AMER AMER American

AMER Asociacin Mexicana de Estaciones Radiodifusoras ) announced the debut of The Knot: Weddings for the Real World, the largest online wedding resource ever created for the millions of people planning and participating in the more than 2.3 million weddings that will occur this year in the United States.

Element is a New York-based interactive content studio dedicated to creating exciting, original programming for the online medium, which it will expand to other distribution channels including the World Wide Web, books, television and film.

The Knot, the ultimate destination for weddings-related information, planning, advice, chat, entertainment and shopping also invites to-be-weds and those that love them to enter its "Outrageous Engagements Contest." The Knot is looking for the best story about that magic moment when the question was popped. The best stories will win weekly prizes and the grand prize winner will be awarded an eco-adventure tour of Costa Rica, furnished by The Knot's contest partner, Preview Travel (Keyword: Travel). Grand prize winners will be announced on October 16th. The Knot and the contest are found in the Life, Styles and Interests Channel and at Keyword: Weddings.

"Partnering with innovative entrepreneurs to create original content for America Online has been The AOL (A division of Time Warner, Inc., New York, NY, www.aol.com) The world's largest online information service with access to the Internet, e-mail, chat rooms and a variety of databases and services. Greenhouse's* mission," said Ted Leonsis, President, AOL Services Company. "Element Studio's talented creative team, who have experience in a variety of media backgrounds, have produced a unique and useful area with a high level of excellence specifically for to-be weds, newlyweds, and anyone else with weddings on the brain."

"The Knot is doing weddings a way they've never been done before," said Carley Roney, executive producer of The Knot and partner at Element Studios. "We are introducing the smarts, style and sense of humor Noun 1. sense of humor - the trait of appreciating (and being able to express) the humorous; "she didn't appreciate my humor"; "you can't survive in the army without a sense of humor"

sense of humour, humor, humour of our generation to the wedding world. Whether you want to do your wedding by-the-book, barefoot on the beach or in the middle of a bungie jump, The Knot is your lifeline."

The Knot, a service of The AOL Greenhouse* and Element Studios, is the brainchild of founders David Liu, Michael Wolfson, Carley Roney and Rob Fassino. The Element team, which has experience in film, digital media production and advertising, created The Knot to serve the needs of a new generation who will look to the online medium for wedding information. Element has assembled a winning group of young editors, writers, producers and wedding arena experts to create a sometimes cleverly off-beat, but always "real world" approach to weddings.

"Nicole Miller, Godiva Chocolatiers and Dessy Creations, The Knot's launch advertisers, understand that The Knot is like no other wedding resource available and offers them direct access to America Online's desirable membership base," said Rob Fassino, V.P. and Director of Marketing for Element Studios and founder of the Digital Media Division of Margeotes, Fertitta & Partners Advertising. "We've designed The Knot's advertising program to offer value to our sponsors while maintaining the member experience."

The Knot is comprised of seven feature channels and offers dozens of different program areas, frequent live events, columns from well-known feature writers, trivia games and contests, as well as numerous resources where to-be- weds can seek, get and give advice. Members are greeted by a welcome screen, which offers them links to The Knot's channels, main features and The Knot Shop, which is presented by The Knot's retail partner, Cybershop (CyberShop.com).

Main screen features include Pop This Question, a trivia quiz with daily prizes; Seen, Heard & Spoken, immediate hotlinks to scheduled events, hot topics, featured products available for purchase and special contests; and 911 Hotline, where members post their wedding emergencies and get the immediate answers they need fast, 24 hours a day. Chat and live events will feature such notables as famed designer Nicole Miller, celebrity make-up artist Bobbi Brown, as well as regular appearances from advice divas, The Advice Ladies. The Knot's seven main departments include:

Decisions, Decisions -- Planning from a-z for the bride and groom to be

Turning Heads -- To-be-wed fashion, beauty and fitness

Sticky Subjects -- Advice on intimacy, money, relationships and more

The Wedding Party -- Facts and information for the whole gang

The Great Escape -- Honeymoon getaways in high gear

Material World -- Great gifts and hints for that special couple

The Knot's Shop by CyberShop -- Nearly 700 items for the to-be-wed


Also featured is the Cyber-sitcom "First Comes Love." Here, Zack and Jessica, The Knot's clever, but typically overwhelmed couple relate the highlights and horror stories of their trip toward the aisle.

The AOL Greenhouse* provides The Knot with online production support including full utilization of AOL's publishing tools, Internet publishing support, seed equity funding Equity funding

An investment consisting of a life insurance policy and a mutual fund. The insurance policy is paid by the collateral value of fund shares, giving the investor the advantages of insurance protection with the growth potential of a mutual fund. , marketing resources, online promotion, and an audience of more than 6 million America Online members. Partners in The AOL Greenhouse* are also given the opportunity to team with interactive marketing partners to assist in the development of new revenue streams.

America Online, Inc., (Nasdaq Symbol: AMER), based in Dulles, VA, is the largest and fastest-growing provider of online services in the world, with more than 6.2 million members worldwide. Through its services, AOL offers its subscribers a wide variety of services including electronic mail, conferencing, software, computing support, interactive magazines and newspapers, and online classes, as well as easy and affordable access to services of the Internet. Founded in 1985, AOL today has a global work force consisting of more than 5,000 people. Personal computer owners can obtain America Online software at major retailers and bookstores by calling 800-827-6364.

* The AOL Greenhouse is a trademark of America Online, Inc. The Knot is a trademark of Element Studios

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